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To HS2 or not to HS2………..and the funniest comment I have yet heard about the project!

I blogged about Birmingham yesterday and now they’re talking about demolishing it and moving it nearer to London!

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High Speed Rail 2

Graeme Leach, the IoD’s chief economist, told the conference: “We might as well knock down Birmingham and build it twenty minutes closer to London, and do it for less than £50bn.” 

The railway network has reached its maximum capacity and Britain will “regret it” if the £50bn High Speed 2 link from London to the northern cities of Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester does not go ahead, the Chancellor said. But his claim that Britain’s railways are already “full” appears to contradict the position of the Department for Transport, which says that the railways will not reach full capacity for at least another decade.

“Our rail system is already full and we know it will get worse without HS2,” Mr Osborne said. “It would have been so easy to scrap the project when I came into government – with a massive deficit to cut. After all, the benefits will not be realised in…

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