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Big Sport doesn’t come cheap

brazil_flag_with_soccer_ball_1600_wht_2747Big events like the Olympics and the World Cup are promoted as being good for the host countries despite evidence to the contrary or at only of a short-term impact.

The organisers behind these events do very well thank you as they bask in sponsorship and tax-free arrangements.

The truth is often different for the host country. There are serious doubts about the 2016 Olympics in Brazil  after the head of the Olympic public authority resigned and the Chief Operating Officer has revealed a  shortfall in the $2.8 billion operating budget for the games.

Even the mayor of Rio de Janeiro has said it’s a pity that they’re hosting the Olympics as the Brazilian government is unprepared and they have “… to handle the legacy of the games

And it seems that five of the six stadia will not be completed in time for the 2014 World Cup despite spending $8.5 billion on the competition.

The re have beenriots in protests about the lavish spending ,when public services are underfunded, corruption, high crime rates and police brutality. Thousands of people have been relocated to make room for the infrastructure required by the Olympics and the World Cup and they say they haven’t been compensated properly. The safety of tourists has also been questioned.

Football fans be warned!


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