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How soft are we on Terrorists!

clock_time_bomb_1600_wht_12231A  convicted foreign terrorist who has lived in Britain for 12 years can’t be deported even though he’s lost his legal battle for refugee status.

The 50 year old Algerian escaped from his own country before being sentenced to death in 1998 for his part in a bomb attack on Algiers airport which killed 9 people.

He was later convicted of further terrorist offences in France and was expelled as an “undesirable”.

He came to the UK in 2001 as an asylum seeker.

The judges at the Upper Immigration Tribunal have ruled that he can’t be deported because his life and liberty would be in jeopardy even though they said he wasn’t entitled to asylum.

He will remain in the UK as his lawyers prepare an appeal – at our expense no doubt – as there is a well-founded fear of persecution in Algeria. Not surprising really given his record.

As a conservative MP put it “there’s an occupational hazard in being a terrorist but that’s not our problem”.

We are way too soft. France kicked him out and so should we.

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