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British foreign aid helps countries achieve lift-off?

rocket_launch_1600_wht_9258But not in the way intended. Six of the eight countries receiving the highest amounts of our aid, and £1.5 billion in total, are planning space programmes.

Nigeria, India (which is the world’s 4th largest economy by the way), Pakistan, Bangladeshi, Ethiopia, and (not very) Democratic Republic of Congo.

This has come to light in the aftermath of the “Bongo Bongo land” remarks by Gordon Bloom the UKIP MEP.

I and others have posted before asking why we give aid to demagogues and corrupt countries.

The Department for International Development says “No UK aid money is spent on helping developing countries to put people into space, and in reality these space programmes tend to be about getting essential communications and weather satellites into orbit”. So there you have it.


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