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Proverbs from Olden times in Norway….

Something to Ponder About

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Proverbs may be ” old fashioned” but there is always wisdom within their contents; they may even be considered portentous to some. The young may scoff, but these pearls of wisdom are observations that comes with age, and are a way of communicating a generalisation, in but a few succinct words.

I personally love them, and think they are really something we should ponder about more.  My hobby of traditional Norwegian painting incorporates sayings from, Norway, (of course). These sayings are often painted around the rim of drinking bowls or clothes trunks. Some of these bowls or trunks, were then presented to a bridal couple on the occasional of their marriage. Such traditions are delightful, but sadly absent in my part of the world hence part of my admiration.

I will share some favourite proverbs and their translations with you…

Norwegian Proverbs (norske ordtak)

Alderen kjem ikkje aleine; han…

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