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Rich Chinese like Breast Milk

baby_reaching_for_bottle_1600_wht_10993They believe it keeps them young and healthy, a veritable elixir.

Young mums are being recruited to  produce breast milk by the Xinxinyu Household Service Company in Guangdon Province. The company’s  manager says breast milk is especially good after major surgery.

“If required the customers can feed directly from the young mothers’ breasts.. but can always drink from a breast pump if uncomfortable”.

Lactating mums are being hired by families for 6-8 months and can earn up to 16,000 yuan (£1,700) a month, much more than a factory job. It’s been reported that some mums are selling their breast milk rather than feeding their own children to raise extra money to pay for their child’s education.

Unsurprisingly attractive nurses and those in good health can command higher prices!

The tradition of wet-nursing was common for the imperial and upper classes and the tainted baby formula scandal in 2008 increased the demand. This has had an effect on donations to a breast milk bank for sick children in the province which is having difficulties getting donors.

There is a difference of opinion between practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and mainstream doctors. Traditional doctors say it’s good foe everyone and can prolong life whereas mainstream doctors says baby’s milk contains globulin to help improve baby’s immunity which adults don’t need


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