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Teachers’ Pay in England

woman_at_chalk_board_1600_wht_7852Teachers will be striking today in opposition to the introduction of, amongst other things, performance-related pay (PRP).

I’m not a particular fan of PRP as it’s hard to measure some aspects of work when it goes beyond just mechanical tasks.

But sometimes I think that the NUT and the NASUWT object to any changes on principle and a recent survey about teacher dissatisfaction  carried out by the NASUWT may not be totally unbiased.

So it’s interesting to see the pay research just published by the OECD which shows that teachers in England do quite well compared with the 34 OECD countries plus the BRICs.

Starting salaries of £19,668 are above the international average of £18,736. And they then increase more rapidly than other countries over the next decade to £28,746 compared to £23,053 elsewhere.

After that however they plateau and the other countries almost catch up after 15 years with an average of £24,763 in primary schools and £27,055 in secondary schools. The international average at the top is £29,611 and £32,544 for primary and secondary schools respectively.

So if schools want to compete internationally for the best teachers or pay their staff the best rates in the developed world then perhaps PRP is one way to do that (and at the same time weed out incompetent teachers)


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