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Buying Fake Consumer Goods creates Misery

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2ae54a912650764e0c563cdd69585997On a recent trip to Germany I watched a TV documentary about fake consumer goods, handbags, hair straighteners etc. which are sold for €millions.

It showed German customs officers destroying the fake goods, which originated in China, in huge furnaces.

It also showed Angela Merkel having angry exchanges with a Chinese official who arrogantly dismissed her complaints with a wave of his hand as he walked away. You didn’t need to be able to speak German to understand the gist of the exchange.

Finally it showed footage shot in China of the people who make these fakes for Western consumption. They call them cage workers. Not because they work in cages but because they live in them.

The cages are like dog or animal cages, about 6′ x 2′ and made of wire mesh,  each containing a pillow or a mat and a bottle of water. Clothes are hung up either to dry or to provide some privacy. These cages are common in Hong Kong among other places and the occupants can pay as much as $200 a month to rent one. They are piled high on top of one another like cargo containers.

As you can imagine the living conditions are primitive and more like a concentration camp than a workers’ hostel. I won’t forget the faces of the people existing in those conditions and neither would you.

The authorities say that fake goods support other types of crime and racketeering. To behold the the sheer misery of these workers should be enough to make anyone think twice about buying a fake on the local market or in the pub. So if you do buy fakes to satisfy your vanity shame on you.


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