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Google – perhaps no longer “don’t be evil”

single_eye_movement_500_wht_9341Google quietly dropped its “don’t be evil” motto in 2009, probably because it was making them an easy target for critics.

And they have been criticised for their intrusive ethos. Remember the street cars scooping up you personal data as they drove by?  Just a systems error, really?

Several EU countries are concerned about Google’s poor compliance with data protection and failing to let users know what information they hold on you.

A co-founder of Google, Larry Page, said in 2004  that he saw a time when Google “would be included in people’s brains. When you think about something and don’t really know much about it you will automatically get the information”.

And now we have Google Glass. The stuff of sci-fi, the ultimate intrusion you might think, short of hidden button hole cameras and other spy-like paraphernalia.

Data protection watchdogs, politicians, casino and cinema owners are just some of the few who fear the worst from this new gadget due out next year.

Like Facebook in that they don’t respect your privacy (and you know what I think about them) their chairman Eric Schmidt once boasted that his privacy policy was to “go right up to the creepy line and not cross it”. Really?

PS Let’s not mention their “immoral” tax arrangements!

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