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Christian Aid…………to give or not to give?

I’ve long shared this view about giving money to African despots. See http://tinyurl.com/6kbekkk

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Yesterday an envelope was pushed through my letter box asking me to donate to Christian Aid and the work it was doing in Africa. It exhorts me to donate £5 which will be enough to pay for a community farmer in Zimbabwe to attend a training workshop.

It then occurred to me that Zimbabwe was once known as the “bread basket” of Africa, so rich was it in natural resources and farmland. But then when Rhodesia gained independence and became Zimbabwe things began to go down hill.


Robert Mugabe the president of the country has presided over a long term economic decline and in particular the “land grab” from white farmers has contributed significantly to this decline. Also the abuse of human rights has become high profile in the country.

Corruption in Zimbabwe has become endemic within its political, private and civil sectors. Zimbabwe ranks joint 163rd out of 176 countries in…

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