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Heavy metal degree is a ‘waste of time’ claim campaigners

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Students playing in a heavy metal band.

During their second year on the course, the students would tour the UK

A two-year degree in heavy metal music has been branded an “easy option” by education campaigners.

The foundation degree – believed to be the first of its kind in the world – is being offered by New College Nottingham (NCN).

The college said the degree is rigorous and is being offered in response to student demand.

However, the Campaign for Real Education said it was a waste of time and would “lack weight” with employers.

Liam Maloy, a lecturer in music performance at NCN, spent seven months developing the course.

Students will learn how to compose and perform heavy metal songs.

The course, which is due to start in September, will also include modules on the music business, the history of heavy metal and its role in films and video games.

In the students’ second year, they…

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