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The Bee Population Is Collapsing

The Appleby Report

We are watching something unfold that is unprecedented in human history.  For years now, the bee populations have been diminishing at alarming rates, and now almost 40% of the Bee Colonies are collapsing.  The cause is not mysterious or the result of some natural cause or causes.  It is attributable to chemical contamination.  Despite the denials and industry funded studies to the contrary, there is a link between man-made chemical contamination in the form of pesticides and genetically modified seeds.  

No one is denying the problem exists and is becoming exponentially worse.  Bees provide an essential component of our food chain.  Without Bees, we will be without crops, also known as food.

We can still do something, but it will require intense efforts to change behaviours that have been decades in the making.  We owe it to our children and grandchildren to take action now.

Even the Media is under-reporting the dangers…

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