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Crazy Ways of Saving Money. Do not recommend if you want a peaceful and normal life.


Sooooo… I haven’t been here for a while! I apologise for that, I can’t find a minute to breathe properly!

This post is a bit inspired by some conversation we had with Matteo about ways to gather funding for CyclingForRekko. I like doing random research (my new job showed me how important is doing the proper research). In any case. So here, I came across the list of many crazy ways to save money/find money for donations.  I found some of them quite intriguing, therefore I decided to share them with you.

1. “Take Notes From Crazier People”

Explanation: Crazy people are merely misunderstood. If you are interested in keeping your finances under control, see what types of crazy things that your peers have done. If you were able to keep your food spending to thirty bucks one month, do you know of someone who was able to pare it down…

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