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Science Vs Parole Judges

Reality Swipe

We hope that while you find today’s information interesting, you never have to personally use it out there in the real world. This is because this week’s Reality Swipe puts us smack bang in the centre of the legal system! Court is in session and the case is Science Vs Parole Judges. Those parole judges should be worried, like always, science has some irrefutable evidence.

Before that, imagine that you are a lawyer and your client is three quarters of the way through his prison sentence. He is up for parole, and has asked you for advice. You spent years working with this client, you know they have seen the error of their ways and are ready to be released in to the community. What advice would you offer to get them through the parole hearing?  We put this to the Reality Swipe team. “Don’t be late”, was the first…

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