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You Really Couldn’t make This Up………..(from todays papers)

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‘I’ve never heard of anything like it’: Judge’s astonishment as she hears violent thug took a prison course on ‘how to get a good night’s sleep’

  • Paul Richards, 45, taught how to ‘meditate’ and get into a ‘good sleep pattern’ during the classes
  • He was being held at HMP Elmley after being arrested for attacking his partner Lisa Kennett
  • He was given a certificate to show that he had ‘passed’ the course
  • Barrister said some drug addicts ‘needed help understanding the need to get a good night’s sleep’
  • Revelations come after inmates at another jail were given yoga classes

‘Never heard of it’: Judge Heather Norton expressed astonishment that the prisoner had been sent on a sleep course


A judge has expressed  her astonishment after  being told how a violent prisoner had taken a course on ‘how to get a good night’s sleep’ in his jail cell.

Heroin addict Paul…

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