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Before we had the euro…

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Currently there are 17 countries in the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) commonly called the eurozone. image001

These are the currencies they used prior to that:

Austria – Austrian schilling
Belgium – Belgian franc
The Netherlands – Dutch gulden
Finland – Finnish markka
France – French franc
Germany – German mark
Ireland – Irish pound
Italy – Italian lira
Luxembourg – Luxembourg franc
Portugal – Portuguese escudo
Spain – Spanish peseta
Greece – Greek drachma
Slovenia – Slovenian tolar
Cyprus – Cypriot pound
Malta – Maltese lira
Slovakia – Slovak koruna

The last to join and the first Baltic country was Estonia – Estonian kroon

There are 10 countries in the EU which are not members of the EMU

These are:

  • Bulgaria – lek
  • Czech Republic – koruna
  • Denmark – krone
  • Hungary – forint
  • Latvia – lats
  • Lithuania – litas
  • Poland – zloty
  • Romania – leu
  • Sweden – krona
  • and the UK – pound sterling

Croatia is the next country due to join the EU and it currently has the kuna. Many of these older currency names come from the latin word corona which means crown.

DSC00644If any country dropped out of the EMU, Cyprus for example or even Germany (for different reasons), and reverted back to its old currency it would, apart from any economic problems, be more inconvenient for travellers.

On the other hand wasn’t it more interesting and a little bit exotic in the old days when coins were more varied in shape and size and something kids loved to collect?


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