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Ukeleles & rock’n roll

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I play electric and acoustic bass and guitar and I wanted something to add a different musical colour.

One of my friends had raved about the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain so I investigated, found that ukeleles come in four sizes from soprano, the smallest, through concert (alto), tenor to baritone.

And although ukeleles are tuned differently from a  guitar I realised I could easily transpose the chord shapes, so I bought one.

DSC00640Portability was also a factor so I opted for a soprano ukelele based on a Harmony Vita ukelele; a 1920s Art Deco style with the performing seals sound holes. (I think it looks more like the Scream mask).

The small size was a challenge for my long fingers but I liked the shape, which is different from the miniature guitar or the pineapple shapes, and it’s a lovely instrument with a solid spruce top and a built-in pickup.

Then I read that heavy metal and rock would be back again this year!


No problem. There’s a ukelele for every taste! This is a tenor ukelele with a solid mahogany body, a spruce neck and a rosewood fingerboard. Plus a volume and tone control for the electric pickup.

Now you might be thinking this is a wuss of an instrument or a joke but there are some serious rock guitarists who play the ukelele including the late George Harrison, Pete Townshend and Brian May.

(These are photos of Clearwater instruments NB I have no connection with the company nor am I on any kind of commission; I just like well-made instruments and excellent customer service.)


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