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Powerpoint, social media, and prostitutes

money_stairs_stick_figure_chinese_5753Not three things you would normally expect in the same room but in China they are giving business advice to newcomers on the game even though prostitution is illegal. A report in the Times told how part of the training session was captured on a smart phone

So the oldest profession is embracing the newest technology: social media, micro-blogs like twitter, and digital photography.

Marketing methodology linked with social media to deliver higher business volume and bigger tips is the message on the training course.

Apart from the IT stuff they being advised on how to look good, the best kind of photo to post on web-sites, and how to  be flirtatious and use euphemisms to cover the transaction.

They are directed to popular “find and flirt” apps such as Momo  as a source of business and a way of arranging casual sexual encounters

FYI there is now an English version of Momo available as an App on iTunes. Tag line: “Discover, Meet, Friend”.


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