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hands_in_handcuffs_pc_1600_wht_3604Scotland Yard is about to recruit foreign police officers for a three-year project, Operation Nexus, to help tackle the increasing number of foreign criminals in the UK.

28% of the arrested suspects last year were foreign nationals.

Broadly the same percentage applies to murder victims, those suspected of  organised crime, and dangerous sex offenders.This is not surprising when you consider that 24% of people living in London are not British.

Romania and Poland have already signed up to the scheme with talks in progress with Lithuania and Ireland.

The police will be plain clothed and won’t have the power of arrest but will take part in raids and in interviewing suspects. They may wear their uniforms if the situation demands which should make it even more confusing for visitors to London!

This makes sense as the UK is the No 1 target for economic migrants. Crime knows no boundaries and in Lithuania, for example, the police there joke about the criminals joining the EU before the country did.

Lithuanian police in Trakai

Lithuanian police in Trakai

I was with an American friend in Lithuania when he had his lap-top snatched. The police sergeant who took my witness statement said he was surprised as he thought the criminals were all in England.

And Lithuanians in the UK have a bad reputation for illicit vodka stills and gun trafficking They are also involved in charity scams.

It’s hoped that Operation Nexus will improve the ability to deal with foreign suspects eg making it easier to check criminal records in their own country, and work more closely with the UK Border Agency to deal with overstayers and criminals trying to get into the UK.

But the Lithuanians are not the biggest group arrested because there aren’t that many of them. Poles and Irish are the two largest foreign nationalities arrested because there are so many of them here.

The Romanians are known to have criminal networks and made their criminal reputation here with their gangs of pick-pockets using children. And they haven’t officially arrived here yet!

Other countries in the top 10 list for crime are Pakistan, India, Jamaica, Nigeria, Somalia, and Portugal.

FYI the post heading says “you’re under arrest” in Lithuanian.

Scotland Yard has just published figures showing that almost 35,000 Poles were arrested last year for serious offences in London including 84 for murder.

Romanians are the second most prolific foreign offenders with almost 28,000 arrests including 1o for murder, 142 for rape and 666 for other sex offences.

Lithuanians were the third most arrested foreigners in the capital.

The high number of Poles perhaps isn’t surprising considering the number over here (more than half a million) and the fact it’s now our second most spoken language.

Romanians aren’t officially due yet until next year so the criminals are following a well-worn path to the UK. To add to their track record of pickpocketing, child trafficking and begging they are now getting rich on stealing metals.

Lithuanians seem to punch above their weight when it comes to crime. Apart from violent crime they are known to be involved in charity scams as well as gun-running and illicit vodka.


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