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Facebook Follies

ConfessionFBIt’s been a while since I posted on the perils of having a Facebook account. Things haven’t changed much and it still has no respect for your privacy.

In the past we’ve had stories about how recruiters and divorce lawyers use Facebook to check up on you; how Facebook vigilantes in Delhi shop traffic offenders; how servicemen in war zones are put at risk using it and how the Israeli army catches out people pretending to be Orthodox to skip military service.

And my very first one about how people with lots of Facebook “friends” can still be lonely (which has been in my top five most-read posts for the last 3 years).

So what’s the latest Facebook story to catch my eye? Well it must be Scott Woodburnthe traffic offender who advertised on Facebook for someone to take his penalty points as he was close to being disqualified.

He paid someone, who doesn’t even drive, £250 to take the blame but got 5 months in prison for perverting the course of justice.

Something to put on his Facebook page.


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