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Gross National Happiness

GNH.001You’ve probably never heard of Bhutan, a remote kingdom between India and China which only opened its borders 40 years ago.

Yet it has become famous for its pursuit of happiness.

In 1971 the government rejected Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the only way of measuring progress and decided that prosperity should be measured by an index of  Gross National Happiness.

By that it means the spiritual, physical, social, and environmental health of its people and their natural environment and it has pledged that it will remain carbon neutral and maintain forest cover over 60% of its landmass.

It has also banned export logging and one day a month is pedestrians’ day when private vehicles are banned from the roads.

I posted about this idea of GNH two years ago and now it’s in the news again because other countries at the UN climate change talks in Doha are interested in the ideas.


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