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Cuddle cafes: slap but no tickle

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A cuddle or a slap in the face if you prefer!

According to a report in the Times recently there are cafés in Japan where you can pay for the pleasure of a cuddle or a slap but definitely no tickle.

These sleeping together shops” aren’t brothels or massage parlours but places where men pay for the pleasure of lying alongside schoolgirls and chastely hugging them. They’re for men who want to sleep with women without any sex.

It still doesn’t come cheap. A joining fee of £24 then £48 an hour to lie alongside one of a hundred girls, some as young as 16, who will dress up for you if you prefer.

Extras include £8 to pat the women’s head, lie in her arms for 3 minutes. be slapped in the face or be hugged for 5 seconds (as measured by egg-timers). A minute long hug is £80!

The clientele are the so-called herbivores who have given up on carnivorous pursuits like making money and chasing women. They are like castrated metrosexuals.

It sounds a bit dodgy given the current climate in the UK but East is East and some Japanese men seems to have had an interest in schoolgirls for quite a while.


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One thought on “Cuddle cafes: slap but no tickle

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