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Who’s a clever Baa then?

DSCF1722It’s hard to write about sheep without thinking of men in oversize wellies or the insults hurled at Lancashire football fans by scousers and by everyone at Welshmen.

Leaving that aside it turns out sheep are not as stupid as you might think.

They can recognise and remember faces – both human and sheep, and can distinguish between happy and unhappy expressions.

They can also self-medicate for stomach problems. When lambs were given food that made them ill they correctly selected and ate the right cures for constipation and heartburn.

That research was carried out at Utah State University but the idea that sheep are more intelligent than we might think is supported by Cambridge University neuroscientist Keith Kendrick. He says they are quite cunning in getting out of places and back in again and can recognise emotions in humans. They can also recognise 50 faces for at least two years.

Researchers at the French Behavioural Ecology Group have found that sheep can recognise the individual sounds of their lambs, which all sound the same to human ears.

It makes you see Sean in Wallace and Gromit in a whole different light and as for Dolly the sheep I only learned recently why she was named after Dolly Parton so how stupid was I?

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