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Why Germans beat us to the towels

DSCN1245At last it can be revealed.

Apparently Germans need less sleep than us.

Although only 8 minutes less than the UK average of seven hours and 21 minutes they start work 30 minutes earlier.

And Germans spring out of bed 15 minutes after there alarm goes off whereas we Brits snooze for 20 minutes.

Professors Russell Foster, a University of Oxford neuroscientist, presented his findings into the sleeping habits of over 75,000 Germans and Brits earlier this year at The Cheltenham Science Festival.

He thinks Brits are actually more in tune with their bodies and will suffer less “social jetlag” and be more creative at work as employers are more flexible in the UK about start times which are usually 0800 in Germany.

He also found that despite centralised time zones people’s body clocks still wake up according to when the sun reaches its zenith. So people in the West, where the sun is highest in the afternoon, wake up later than those in the East where the sun is at its highest point at noon.

He also looked at obesity and drinking and smoking habits. Germans are less overweight than Brits even though they match us pint of pint on beer consumption. They drink less wine and spirits but smoke more and that has been linked to “social jet lag”.

The sample comprised 6,000 Brits and 70,000 Germans and the researchers are hoping to expand the research to other countries.

They think Germany night be the country that sleeps least while Mediterranean people sleep longer.

Just don’t mention the economy!


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