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Time Travel, a psychic, or coincidence?

If you read a book about a supposedly unsinkable ocean liner which hit an iceberg in the Atlantic in April and sank with a huge loss of life because there weren’t enough lifeboats – you’d think it was about the Titanic.

Such a book was written by Morgan Robertson in 1898, 14 years before the Titanic’x disastrous maiden voyage.

In his novella“Futility” his ship was called “Titan” and was approximately the same size as the Titanic with similar facilities and sank 400 miles from the coast..

When the real Titanic sank he achieved some fame but never talked about how he got the idea except he had a “spirit” guide.

And if you think that is strange he also wrote a book called “Beyond the Spectrum” in 1914 which described a surprise attack on American naval vessels by Japan.

He also wrote stories which fans believe influenced The Blue Lagoon and Tarzan.

Sadly he never made much money from his writing and was found dead in an hotel room in 1915 aged 53.

FYI You can download “Futility” from free book sites.

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