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Long memories of Witches in Pendle

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Despite opposition from the Bishop of Burnley the 400th anniversary of the notorious Pendle witch trials will be commemorated with the date 1612 painted on the hillside in letters 500 ft high.

The Right Reverend was concerned that  it would be celebrating the “injustice and oppression of elderly women“.

The local Council got cold feet after the Bishop’s protests but Moorhouse’s Brewery stepped in as the new sponsor.

The numbers will be painted in biodegradable paint which will wash out after a few weeks.

It will be completed in time for the annual witch walk on August 18th when hundreds of people in fancy dress climb Pendle Hill raising money for Pendleside Hospice.

The trials at Lancaster Assizes are remembered as miscarriage of justice with 10 of the accused being hanged after accusations that they killed 10 people using witchcraft. One other person was cleared and one died in prison.

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