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BOGOF on Boob Jobs

Times must be getting hard for cosmetic surgeons since the French PIP silicone implant scandal. Apparently some of them are offering inducements and seem to be targeting Mums and daughters with BOGOF-type inducements.

You can imagine; “get your Mum to come along as well and we’ll do one of hers for free”.

A Mum and daughter from Lancashire were pictured in the paper at the weekend who’d both had boob jobs. I’m not sure why women would want everyone to know that their boobs weren’t their own but what do I know!

Apparently demand for mother and daughter breast enlargements has increased by over 10% in the last couple of years. Are they double dating or something? Are there “mother & daughter” web-sites?

The doctors involved all say they are behaving ethically so they must be. As long as they don’t start complaining when Tesco  and ASDA start offering “value” or even “finest” plastic surgery alongside the plastic food.

I’m wondering if free boob jobs as a staff incentive are quite as popular since PIP implant scandal?


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