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Crazy little thing called Love

UnknownWho hasn’t been in love and done crazy things?

Modern technology in the shape of fMRI scans show that when we are in the first stages of love our hearts really do rule our heads.

Gazing at pictures of your loved one shuts down the rational part of your brain.

Being lovestruck means being less critical of your beloved and overlooking those niggling aspects of their personality (which might come back to haunt you later).

Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary psychologist, believes that wearing these “rose tinted spectacles” means you take more risks and ignore any internal voices warning you it might not be such a good idea.

The brain scans showed that the pre-frontal cortex, that part of the brain responsible for rational thought, was deactivated enabling people to get off the fence and take a risk in establishing a relationship.

The same effect is seen in both men and women. However women seem to be better at prolonging relationships. Other research by Professor Dunbar, using mobile phone records, showed that for the first 7 years in a relationship men called their partners more than anyone else but after that they called other friends more.

But women called their partners more for the first 14 years of a relationship before shifting their attention to friends. Seems men have the 7-year itch first.

Source: Cheltenham Science Festival


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