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Women in uniforms

CNV00014_3You might have seen the photos of the Ukrainian female border guards or passport control staff having makeovers ready to greet the football fans.

What you have to understand is that women in uniform over there always dress up to look their best.

Police women wear high heels on duty – as you can see from the photograph I took in Kyiv. I don’t know how good they are in a chase, maybe they just shoot you.

The female Polish border staff at Warsaw were the same. Big soviet style hats, tight short skirts, heels, guns and, the scary bit, rubber gloves.

Much the same in Italy I remember. Police women with big hats, big hair, big heels, shades, full war paint, and a gun of course.

Must confess though that my favourite photo is of these female Ukrainian soldiers (thank you Bohdan) and no, that’s not me with the camera!ukrainian_army


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