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It’s official. Brewing Beer is a vital community service

Just come across a story about an industrial dispute in Lithuania involving my favourite foreign beer Svyturys.

The Svyturys brewery in Klaipeda was founded in 1784 in what was then Prussia.

It is now owned by Carlsberg and the dispute arose about a year ago over wage demands and collective bargaining rights.

There was also a disagreement about whether or not a planned strike was legal.

The District Court in Klaipeda ruled that as the strike was being called in the middle of the peak brewing and beer drinking season it should be delayed for 30 days as beer production was “a vitally essential service”.

I don’t know if the dispute has been settled yet but I know Svyturys Ekstra has disappeared from the shelves in Tesco. Maybe they’ve fallen out with Carlsberg but I’m going back to Lithuania in April so I will have a chance to make up for that – unless they have gone on strike!


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