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Living alone is becoming the norm

according to Janice Turner in the Times. Figures released by the Office of National Statistics show that a third of British households are single person households. Back in 1971 the figure was just 17%.

P1000474We haven’t reached the level of Manhattan where half the households are single person but it seems we’re getting there.

Turner points out  that in the 1970s it was mainly old people who lived alone. Now, in addition to what she calls late-onset divorces and couples splitting up once the kids have left home, young people are getting married later (although I suspect there might be a dip in these figures reflecting the recession and the fact that many adult children are back at home with parents saving for a deposit for a home).

When I posted on “Living together apart”  two years ago it was about the increasing phenomenon of couples, estimated to be a million of them, who chose to keep their own homes even when in a relationship.

Various reasons have been put forward including modern homes being too small for all the accrued possessions and people wanting their own space or style.

Whatever the reason gone are the days when couples would stay together out of habit when the relationship had died.

Sadly women still come off better when they are left on their own, probably because they know how to look after themselves whereas men are less capable in that respect.


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