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Good Teachers set up Children for Life

P1000830_2Unfortunately there are not enough of them. The government wants to do something about it but it takes time.

I’ve posted before about some of the ridiculous ideas to deal with poor teachers and what some head teachers have said eg about the firmness of their breasts and why their pupils are thick (inbreeding apparently).

I’ve also complained about the way weak heads reward failure and recycle poor teachers by giving them good references. Well no more it seems.

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, is finally introducing new powers in September which should enable poor teachers to be dismissed within a term rather than in a year as at present. The present 3 hour limit on observing teachers in the classroom will also be scrapped so schools can use their discretion.

More importantly the recycling of poor teachers – letting them move elsewhere with a good reference, what Americans call the dance of the lemons – could be nipped in the bid if the proposals that would place a duty on schools to share information about a teacher’s performance go through.

Of course not everybody likes these ideas. The heads are broadly in agreement but will have to get their weaker colleagues to grasp the nettle and actually manage.

The NASUWT seems to be in complete denial about the problem saying: “there’s no evidence which demonstrates there are problems with the present system.

And a head of a university Institute of Education thought more emphasis should be placed on continuing professional development and Master’s degrees – but a university would say that wouldn’t it?


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