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Meet the team at Mike the Psych

Thought you might like to meet the editorial team for the coming year!

 Here I am at work in my garden. I look a bit wooden I know but it was taken in the morning and I’m not at my best before 10 o’clock

This is my colleague who prefers to remain anonymous.

I thought he had steam coming out of his ears but he says he was just “thinking outside the box”

This is my colleague when I put him back in the box!

And finally the new intern who goes by the name H-bo. (We are preserving his anonymity because he’s demanding image rights).

As you can see he knows his way around an Apple keyboard – which needs regular maintenance as he gets confused and tries to eat it when he gets hungry, which is most of the time, and he still tends to dribble.

His spelling is awful too but that’s what spellchecker is for but we’ve switched off the voice commands as we don’t want him sounding like a Mac (or eating one but that’s a different story).

He also has a make-up artist and personal trainer so he’s planning his career very carefully even at such an early age.

Hope you enjoy our output in 2012!


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He says he's a psychologist but aren't we all?

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