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My most popular posts in 2011

Thanks to those helper monkeys (their term) at WordPress I now have the stats for last year. It seems my readers come mainly from the UK, the USA, and Canada, followed by Brazil and India.

My 5th most read post in 2011 was: was Dave; I’d be happy with £50k. This was in response to David Cameron’s ideas about measuring happiness and well-being.

My 4th most read post was:  The Golden Boy Syndrome about how parents favour one child above the others, particularly how Mums favour their sons.

My 3rd most read post was: So many “friends” and still lonely. This was one of my first critical pieces about the impact of Facebook in inhibiting real social interaction.

My 2nd most read post was: Apples and Pears – what fruit is your bum? about how body fat, and where it is stored on your body, can affect your health.

And my No 1 post in 2011, for the second year runningwas Blushing – do men find it attractive? This was viewed more than twice as often as all the others in the top five in total, received the most comments,and was the one consistently read each day since I first posted it.

These posts were all written in 2010 and the reason for that might be that I moved about a third of the later ones to another, more life-style and health oriented, blog: uLearn2BU.

So thanks everybody for reading my blog. Apologies for taking down the comment facility but the amount of spam I began receiving was getting too big to manage.

Hope I can keep things going this year and that you enjoy them.


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