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Deutsch not so uber any more

German language lessons are a lot less popular than they were 5 years ago.

According to a report in the Times schools across Europe are turning to English and Spanish which are seen as more useful languages.

German has always been less popular in southern Europe but in neighbouring Poland, Denmark, and Netherlands there has been a dramatic decline.

In Poland only about half of secondary school pupils studied it last year compared with three-quarters of them in 2005. In Netherlands the percentage has fallen by half from 86% to 444% and in Denmark from a half to a third of pupils over the same period.

In contrast English is taught in over 90% of European schools and in all schools in Sweden, Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

Strangely in Norway English teaching has dropped by over half from 100% in 2005 to 43% last year, whereas Luxembourg is the only European country where German teaching has been on the increase since 2005.

Romania and Luxembourg are the only European countries where over 80% of pupils learn French.

The Goethe German language institute says that there is an increased demand from adults around the world for learning German, particularly in Spain,Greece , and India, where it is seen as way of improving employability.


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