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Body shop – write proper!

This Body Shop window  has been annoying me for weeks now and I felt tempted to correct it but didn’t want to be arrested for criminal damage.

But I have to say it – it’s wrong to say “the way to beautiful”.

Beautiful is an adjective ie a word that describes something, not the name of a place or thing.

It needs the word “be” in there to make grammatical sense.

It’s bad enough that a quarter of our kids can’t read or write properly without Body Shop using sloppy grammar.

I could also quibble with their use of the word “effectiveness” but at least they used apostrophes correctly.

There, I’ve got it off my chest!

And now Bupa are using the same idea with their adverts for health insurance which say “We’re helping her find healthy”

Healthy what? Food? Lifestyle? Which agency copied who here?

If you want to check your Health Age click on the Bupa website



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