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Rockets & Parachutes

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That’s what it’s called in the retail industry when they con you about price reductions.

First it was Tesco with its“Big Price Drop” and now ASDA are up to the same tricks with their “Rollback” offers.

Basically they artificially increase the price somewhere before reducing it – but not necessarily back to the previous level. Sometimes the “reduced  price” is higher than the original price.

The Times gave examples such as Heinz salad cream price being “rolled back” to £2 from £2.37 when it was £2 a couple of weeks previously.

Similar situation with Bailey’s Irish Cream. And Branston baked beans went from 52p up to 64p before being “rolled back” to a new higher price of 58p, a 12% increase.

About a third of all goods in supermarkets are on special offers at the moment, offers which can actually cost you more. Supermarkets use all the psychological tricks to encourage us to spend more from positioning of products, use of colour eg green to suggest freshness, and offering you the chance to save money.

With supermarkets reducing the size of products but keeping the price the same eg with chocolate bars, with some products costing more for larger sizes when you would expect them to be cheaper eg light bulbs at Tesco, genuine cut price deals are as rare as hen’s teeth.


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