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Maybe vultures not smarter than pigeons after all

Replacing sniffer dogs with a vulture squad probably seemed a good idea at the time.

After all they can spot a dead mouse from 3,000′ up in the air.

But the German police, who trained three vultures near Hanover, were disappointed. Fitted with tracker devices – and we know what problems that can cause (the last Vulture caught with one of those was captured as an Israeli spy) – it was expected that they would find bodies quickly and thereby close cases quicker as well.

The vulture leader, named Sherlock, was assisted by by two younger ones named Colombo and Miss Marple. Sherlock apparently can’t distinguish between animal and human bodies, doesn’t want to fly, and spends all his time  hanging around the burial training site. The other two just fight with each other.

Perhaps there’s hope for pigeons yet.


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