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Celebrity Cheryl Cole, one-time WAG, sometime member of a manufactured girl group convicted of actual bodily harm in 2003 whose footballer husband cheated on her and who reinvented herself as the sympathetic member of a reality talent show panel who does dodgy hair adverts, has been sacked from the American version of the show.

Some might say that she got a long way on little talent and big hair, certainly her auto-tuned voice was nothing to write home about but she can’t say she wasn’t warned about her accent and use of dialect words. People forget that Americans on the whole don’t travel outside their country and only about 30% have passports.

They don’t get that many holidays and it’s expensive for them. So they won’t all have had the opportunity to be confused by regional accents in the UK. (FYI America is a pretty big country. Almost 40 time bigger than the UK, slightly bigger than China but not as big as Canada and Russia which is twice as big.)

But the US criticisms did seem a bit harsh. After all they let her in even though she had a conviction and apart from her over-done accent I’m sure her big hair would have gone down well in Nashville or Las Vegas and Simon Cowell’s hair and sense of style leave a lot to be desired so he has no room to talk. And telling her to lose weight is ridiculous – she already looks like a lollipop. Cowell doesn’t seem to have come out of it too well after building her up for the past few months. Hope she didn’t think he was actually her friend.

So back to the drawing board either over there with her American boy-friend or back to the UK (she probably doesn’t want to go anywhere she might catch a tropical disease again) and no doubt endless stories in the gossip magazines. Not that she’s going to starve in the forseeable future as she is reputably “worth” £10 million but if she gets desperate she can always go back to being a WAG.

PS There’s no picture of Cheryl Cole because you’ll be seeing plenty of those in the papers this week but the picture is a bronze statue of show girls in Las Vegas with long hair.

The Simon Cowell PR machine rolls on with stories that Cheryl Cole will be back on US TV. Does anyone really care any more and how many people don’t think it’s just a PR stunt?


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