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Dancers happier? Not strictly

TV dancing competitions are popular whether they involve unknown street dancers or so-called celebrities.

People claim that dancing can make you happy but is that true?

The founder of the Dance Psychology Laboratory at the University of Hertfordshire. known as Dr Dance, says that dancing can make you happy but only under certain conditions. He says that recreational dance can lead to mood changes but not for everyone and not all types of dance.

There are three conditions to be met for mood and health benefits: the dance steps need to be simple and repetitive, the dancer’s heart rate needs to be slightly above resting, and the dance needs to be non-competitive.

So that rules out all the z-list celebrities in the well-known TV dance competition. Even though they all say that they are glad to be doing it.

Of course some of the unknowns might be happy just to be on TV, some might be happy to be back in the lime-light if they are resting between jobs, or as a diversion from their regular jobs (if they have one), or even because they have caught the love bug!

But they all look tense when it comes to the results of the voting and research into competitive dancers shows raised levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The most relaxed dances are the freestyle ones like swing dancing, where you can’t get it wrong, or traditional folk dances, whereas classical ballet is about almost unattainable perfection.


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