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Vultures smarter than pigeons?


Saudi Arabian counter-espionage agents recently “arrested” a vulture they believed to be a Mossad spy.

They had spotted it circling around in the sky in a suspicious manner (that’s what they do looking for dead flesh) and when they actuall caught it they found it had a GPS tracking devices attached to it. However after news stories about “Zionist plots” a Saudi Prince announced that once the device had been checked the bird would be freed.

These devices are put there by scientists at Tel Aviv University  to track their movements. So you could, kind of, see why they might look suspicious. But come on, everyone knows that they should be looking out for pigeons!

Updated 18 February 2011: Seems that almost all Asian vultures have been wiped out because of a (now banned) drug used by farmers and vets to keep livestock healthy. This has meant an increase in disease, rats and wild dogs which are more of a threat to humans than the vultures.

So they have set up vulture restaurants in India, Pakistan, Nepal and South Africa. These are fly-in sites (no advance booking required and plenty of landing space near fresh water) where vultures can eat uncontaminated carcasses – bought from local villagers and drug-tested – nest, and breed. Read more here


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