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Facebook – no global domination just yet

Megalomaniac Mark Zuckerberg must have been really annoyed when he read in the Independent that his creation is not the most popular social networking site everywhere in the world (assuming he ever reads an actual newspaper).

Rhodri Marsden’s Cyberclinic column spelled it out: Facebook hasn’t yet “connected the world”.

An Italian blogger has pulled together data from web ranking service Alexa.com to produce a colour coded map of the world showing each countries most popular social networking sites. Last year there were 18 but there are now only 11 resisting after Facebook’s onward march into Hungary, Poland, and other countries.

So raise a glass to the resistance: Discounting China (because they say so) Iran prefers embracecloob.com; Netherlands prefers Hyves.nl and in Russia and other former soviet republics including Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan they have V Kontakte or VK (“in contact” or “in touch” –  a cross between Facebook and Linkedin) which is the biggest in Europe, and Odnoklassniki (more like Friends re-united), and in Latvia they have Draugiem.lv (“for friends”).

But it’s Brazil and Japan who are resisting the strongest with a Google owned site Orkut being the most popular in Brazil. You have to be aged 18 to join and 48% of its members are in Brazil, 40% in India and only 2% in the USA.

In privacy-conscious Japan it’s Facebook which only has a 2% membership, compared with 60% in America, whilst sites like Mixi, Gree, and Mobage-Town, where you can have anonymity and pseudonymity – which Facebook doesn’t allow – have the most members. And unlike on Facebook half of Japanese users don’t actually know their on-line contacts.

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