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Sexual attraction


If the man of your dreams starts talking about fast cars or expensive gadgets he is definitely interested in you.

If on the other hand he talks about domestic stuff – forget him.

Apparently when a man talks about those expensive things he is subconsciously  thinking about how he could afford them to prove he’s well-off and therefore a good potential partner.

In memory experiments at Amsterdam University, reported in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (social psychologists have all the fun), sexily dressed researchers inspired memory recall of expensive designer goods such as Ferraris, whereas frumpily dressed ones only inspired memories of mundane items like toasters and towels.

This didn’t work on married men however. It seems single men try harder to get noticed.

And men, if you want to get noticed by women – wear red. Researchers at the universities of Munich and Rochester asked heterosexual men and women to rate  the attractiveness of a man in a black and white photo framed either in red or white.

Women, but not men, rated the man as more attractive if in a red frame. Similar experiments with men wearing red shirts had the same effect on women but not for men.

That might explain why you saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus when you were a kid!


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