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Hattie’s true colours?

Harriet Harperson having to apologise for referring to Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander as a “ginger rodent‘ and by implication insulting a whole nation – priceless.

How I wish we still had Spitting Image.

Described as the “Po-faced doyen of political correctness” by Nationalist MSP Shirley Anne Somerville, she not only insulted Alexander in a speech attacking the Liberal Democrats but actually did it in Scotland where red-heads are more common than anywhere else.

How could she get it so wrong? Well-known for her equal opportunity leanings (she made her name on equal pay issues) and her appropriation of the quite funny observation about the Lehman sisters bank, her comments allowed Alexander to make a clever political riposte via Twitter.

Red-faced she may be but it makes me wonder if she really believes all the PC stuff she has spouted in the past or whether she just used it as a political means to an end.


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