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Pet names = less sex

Do you and your beloved call yourselves by pet names?

When was the last time you called your partner or spouse by their real name?

According to two Americans, Maggie Arana and Julienne Davis, using pet names all the time  means you lose your sense of individuality and signals the end of your relationship – at least as far as sex is concerned. They think people who use silly pet names all the time, or even habitually call each other darling, are sabotaging their sex lives.

Their new and soon-to-be-published in the UK book; “Stop Calling Him Honey …. and Start Having Sex! How changing your everyday habits will make you hot for each other has already caused a stir in America.

Although avowed feminists they want women to go back to having the dignity they had in the 1950s, but not to the lack of equality from that period. They have a chapter called “Close the Bathroom Door” about stopping bathroom habits. They believe men and women should be more private about passing wind or belching in front of each other or saying they are going for a “pee or a dump”.

They also want people to keep their own identity and interests so they don’t become completely subsumed by the other person.

Although Californians they don’t believe in therapy and say their book can replace it for those couples who appear to be functioning well and getting along although not for those about to divorce or who have serious physical or mental problems.


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