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So much social networking, so little time


Malaysians have the most “friends” on their social networks, according to a study in 46 countries, with an average of 233 followed closely by Brazil with 231 and Norway with 217.

In Japan the average is only 29, perhaps reflecting cultural differences about what friendship really means, and 68 in China (no surprise perhaps given the state censorship).

Malaysians also spend more time on these sites spending an average of 9 hours a week on them, followed by Russia with 8.8 hours and Turkey with 7.7 hours.

TNS, the company that carried out the survey, say the biggest changes are due to the use of mobile phones to access the internet rather than using computers and that consumers are now spending more time on social networking sites than using e-mail.

Interestingly, given the strict control by the government in China (think of what happened with Google for example), 4 out of 5 users there write their own blogs compared to 1 in 3 in the USA.

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