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Facebook vigilantes cop traffic offenders in Delhi

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In India Delhi traffic police set up a page in Facebook two months ago with the intention of informing the public about traffic snarl-ups.

What they actually got was “crowd sourced” photographs of people breaking the traffic laws.

The Facebook vigilantes have posted 3,000 images which have resulted in 700 tickets being issued including 50 to policemen.

The 5,000 strong police force (in a city of 12 million), which has stopped a quarter of a million drivers who ran red lights already this year, has now dedicated 4 officers to checking the Facebook site and other cities are calling for similar action. Offences include blacked out cars, whole families on a scooter, and drivers on mobile phones.

The report in the Times; “Facebook vigilantes give traffic police a headstart” pointed out that most of the images appear to have been taken from mobile phones! If you want to see the results see: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Delhi-Traffic-Police/117817371573308

So you don’t have to have a Facebook account to get caught out, other people are quite happy to do that for you!


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