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I’m stressed – gaze into my eyes


Researchers at the University of Trier in Germany have discovered that stressed men prefer women who look nothing like them whilst unstressed men prefer women who have similar features.

Something to do with evolution and genetic diversity in the face of risky environments –  expanding the gene pool for stronger offspring (but of course the vikings knew that when they went off to do a bit of pillaging).

It’s also been found that men flinch less when subjected to sudden bursts of noise when looking at someone they are attracted to. A good reason to have attractive dental nurses I would have thought.

Updated 1 October 2010: Researchers at Keele University who discovered that people could cope for longer with pain when they were swearing (as opposed to using neutral words) have been awarded the Ig Nobel prize by Harvard University. These awards recognise research that makes you laugh – then think, so not completely bad science.

Perhaps on that basis Gordon Ramsay, who had been recorded at 3 swear words a minute over a 100 minutes, should be totally pain free?


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11 thoughts on “I’m stressed – gaze into my eyes

  1. Hello. magnificent job. I did not expect this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

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  4. I think your choice of photo is verty apt as most men I know (stressed and unstressed) have a penchant for women in nurses uniforms!

  5. Psychologist: A man who watches everyone else when a beautiful girl enters the room…….need I say more!

    • It’s hard sometimes being a psychologist and having to maintain that scientific detachment. But someone’s got to do it

      • I think I may retrain as a psychologist as it would fit with my cold, objective, detatched and unemotional approach to life. Either that or I could get a job in an abattoire…………..

  6. When men get stressed they often take to drink and after sufficient quantities have been imbibed most women look “attractive” – I offer this from a normal member of the human race perspective not form a psychologists viewpoint!

    • Of course most people see the world through rose tinted spectacles. Unlike people who are depressed and grumpy and have a more realistic view of the way things are and also of course psychologists who take a purely scientific approach!